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"Sometimes psychedelic, sometimes jazzy, sometimes the essence of rock’n’roll the quintet are a band that needs to be on every playlist anywhere in the world even if only to pull out when you fancy a whisky to rasp a sore throat." - Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands.

now booking Spring-Summer 2020


The group made their debut performance on May 9, 2003, in a dorm basement of the Tuva State University, and after this event,the group changed its name to "MOM". The leader of the group and an initiator of its inception was guitarist and vocalist Salchak Orlan.

In 2004, the group attended the Tuvan music festival Ustuu-Huree. This was a pivotal moment for them because the headliner for that year was the legendary Arkestra of the late jazz great Sun Ra. This was the first time the group was exposed to true American Jazz.

"It was such a discovery for us! After that, everything changed," said drummer Naiys Dulush.

The modern jazz collective's performance was an influence on the entire modern music scene in Tuva, including the group "MOM". After the festival, the group's music increasingly leaned to jazz-rock and funk, with a fusion of traditional Tuvan songs.

In 2008, the group, now called HARTYGA (which in Tuvan means Falcon), made their debut at Ustuu-Khuree. The group uses traditional Tuvan instruments and throat singing, combining it with the rhythms and instruments of jazz and rock. Their fusion of Western modernity and ancient nomadic culture pushes the boundaries of the contemporary sound of Tuva.

Past performances

9/11/19 Arlene Francis Ctr, Santa Rosa, CA
9/13/19 The Big Easy, Petaluma, CA
9/14/19 Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA
9/15/19 The Bancroft, Spring Valley, CA
9/16/19 PSKaufman, Los Angeles, CA (Workshop)
9/18/19 Greater Goods, Ojai, CA
9/19/19 The Women's Center, Ojai, CA
9/20/19 Greater Goods, Ojai, CA (Workshop)
9/20/19 Barmageddon, Tulare, CA
9/21/19 Beauty Supply, Oakland, CA
9/22/19 Outer Space, Arcata, CA
9/24/19 The Fixin' To, Portland, CA
9/26/19 The Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA
9/27/19 JaM Cellars, Napa, CA
9/28/19 On the Y, Sacramento, CA
9/29/19 Starline Social Club, Oakland, CA



Zebulon, los angeles, ca

outer space, arcata, ca

sziget festival 2018, budapest



We are now booking Spring-Summer 2020.
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